Founded in June 2004, Embedded General Inc. (EG) was established by a few enthusiastic engineers focused on the development of various embedded platforms. For the past twenty years, a majority of the EG engineering team members have participated in the development of numerous embedded products with a middle-scale or a large-scale firmware. It has been our mission at providing high-performance embedded platforms under an insignificant memory configuration.

Currently our Engineering Team has around 16 engineers, who devote to the development of embedded platforms for Printers, MFPs, Digital Cameras, and Projectors. In addition, EG also has developed the embedded printing interpreters (EG DocRIP) for printers and the Universal Printer Drivers for mobile devices (EG AnPrint) to offer the industry a fast and ready-to-go software solutions. Not only we can provide a turn-key solution (controller board) to our customers, our software solution can also add more value to our customers’ products.

EG is located in Beijing, China. Surrounding by all the major IT companies in China (such as Lenovo, Baidu, and Huawei), EG also have a good access to all of them. Given the fact that a fast growth of IT product demand is taking place in China, EG is able to offer an excellent service for any IT company who would like to leverage the IT growth in China.

Over the past ten years, EG has established the following customer base:

Wistron InfraWare LITEON
Asus Besta Msi
Benq Picsel Qisda
Acer Alibaba  
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