EG AnPrint The Universal Printing Drive for Mobile Devices

Get your print job done ANYWHERE.
Support both iOS and Android

AnPrint Connectivity

EG Mobile Printing Benefits to End-User

  • Support the most printers in terms of model numbers and shipping volume.
  • Support the most file formats and printing features in the market. 
  • Support Google Cloud printing. 
  • The design concept is to provide the end-user a seamless printing experience, comparing to the PC printing. 
  • The printing speed performance is the best in the market. 
  • Integration with most Office vendors. 

Printing Features

  • Collate Printing On or Off.
  • Copies 1 ~ 99.
  • Fast Setting Selection.
  • Paper Size Selection A6 ~ A3 (Legal).
  • Orientation Portrait or Landscape.
  • Page Printing Order  -- Face Up (From Start to End) or Face Down (From End to Start).
  • Output Quality Low, Middle, or High. Duplex and Booklet.
  • N-up Printing 1/2/4/8 and N-up Printing Order (Only when 2/4/8 Up).
  • Border Printing (Only when 2/4/8 Up) On or Off.
  • Mirror Printing On or Off.
  • User Selected Background Printing Support PNG/JPEG/BMP/TIFF/GIF Format Files, Printing mode for First Page Only and Fit-To-Page printing.
  • Output Mode Mono/Grey Printing or Color Printing.
  • Watermark Printing Handwriting Mode or Text Input Mode.
  • Photo Printing (Gallery on-line printing) and Web-Page Printing (Browser on-line printing).
  • Screen Printing (only if root can be updated).
  • Preview.
  • English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and German are supported.
  • Provide both Mobile Phone and Tablet versions.
  • Support both the off-line and on-line printing.
  • Support Print-thru-PC functions (Windows-Based) and Print to PDF.

EG Printer Support

In terms of I/O

EG supports both USB (Android 3.1 and above) and network (including Wi-Fi), i.e., 100% of all the printers.

In terms of Printer Language

  • EG supports all PCL/PS Laser Printers (100%), which is independent of the printer brand.
  • EG supports the majority of the GDI Laser Printers (82%), including HP, Samsung (SPI), Xerox, Fuji-Xerox, Epson, NEC, Brother, and Lenovo. We will continue to support more GDI Laser Printers, such as Brother, Lexmark, Canon, and so on.
  • EG supports about 87% of the Inkjet/Photo printer, including HP, Canon, and Epson.

Printer Support- PCL/PS Laser Printer

As Long as it is a PCL/PS laser printer, EG can support. As a result, EG can support 100% of the PCL/PS printers.

Printer- Support - GDI Laser Printer

We only consider the GDI printers shipped for the last three years. HP and Samsung together actually already have a 55% market share.

Printer Support - Inkjet/Printer Printer

HP, Canon, and Epson together actually already have a 87% market share. The remaining 13% is Lexmark, Kodak, Ricoh, and Others.

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